Introduction to Critical Zone Observatories and Watershed Sites.

  Dear Watershed Science Community,   The  Early career network-of-networks team  is pleased to announce the Fall 2021 Webinar series on  Introduction to Critical Zone Observatories and Watershed Sites . This webinar series hosted by CUAHSI will occur every Tuesday from August 24 till September 28 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. The goal of the series is to discuss ideas and brainstorm on ways to enhance collaboration and integration across different international critical zone observatories and watershed sites. The webinars will include several researchers from watershed science and critical zone communities. Read more about this effort  here .   The first webinar will be held on  August 24th, 2021  9 am Pacific and provide an introduction to the montane sites across the world. Confirmed speakers for the first webinar include Susan Hubbard (Berkeley Laboratory), Holly Barnard (CU Boulder), Steven Holbrook (Virginia Tech), Antonello Provenzale (National Research Council of Italy) and Fan Zhan

3rd seminar in the Women Advancing River Research series


Introduction to Uncertainty, Transparency and Robustness in Socio-Environmental Systems Modeling and Assessments

  Dear iEMSs members Please see the announcement below for the second webcast in this grand challenges series. Sondoss Elsawah gave the first one last Wednesday and it went very well (except for a couple of technical issues that didn’t arise in the practice).   We are also asking Board members to write up a report on each webcast for SESMO, which will also provide a link to the actual paper in SESMO from which the work derives and to the recording of the webcast. Jennifer Koch at OSE is leading a report team on the first webcast.     Best wishes Tony     Free open-access downloads: Springer book on: Integrated Groundwater Management Future of Sensitivity Analysis Next Generation Modeling of Water Quality Eight Grand Challenges in Socio-Environmental Systems Modeling

Virtual Water Gallery

  Good day Cryolister,     Please join us for the launch of the Virtual Water Gallery on Thursday, April 29 from 10:30 -11:30 am CST (UTC-6).   Water is life and so water-related challenges affect everyone. We believe that sharing water perspectives across communities can help find creative and holistic solutions to the water challenges we all face.   The Virtual Water Gallery is a science and art pilot project that brings together artists, water experts, knowledge keepers, and the pubic to collectively reflect on pressing water challenges. As part of this pilot project, 12 artists were paired with 16 water experts and knowledge keepers to co-explore specific water challenges in various Canadian eco-regions and river basins, including the Arctic, the mountains, boreal forests, prairies, farmlands, lakes, rivers, and communities. These collaborations have led to the co-creation of science-art pieces that will be exhibited online on the Virtual Water Gallery.   Join the discussion:   www

Steepest Descent Meeting 2021

  Dear colleagues,    Registration for the upcoming Steepest Descent Meeting 2021 is now open!  You can register for the meeting and view the meeting schedule on the Steepest Descent website: . Please note that registration is free, but is limited to 500 participants.  We look forward to seeing you there! The Steepest Descent Organizing Team,         Fien De Doncker, Eric Deal, Lizzie Dingle, Erica Erlanger, Benjamin Lehmann, Luca Malatesta, Sarah Mosser, Duna Roda-Boluda

Isotope Tracers in Catchment Hydrology

  We are once again running our Isotope Tracers in Catchment Hydrology course, designed as a national graduate level course (accessible to all Canadian students for credit), but also available to professionals. The course will run from May 10 through 14 online. All of the details pertaining to the class can be found on our class website:   All are welcome, and participants from outside academia and Canada are encouraged to enrich the discussion.   Hope to see you there, Trish (on behalf of course instructors)   Dr. Tricia Stadnyk, P.Eng. Canada Research Chair Tier II (Hydrologic Modelling) 2020 Killam Laureate   Associate Professor University of Calgary 2500 University Dr NW ESB 458 Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4 Canada W: +1.403.220.6586 M: + @h2obabyts  

Beyond Academic Research (BAR) Talks

  The Beyond Academic Research (BAR) Talks are organized by the Young Hydrological Society - IT.  It was a excellent series of event in five webinars to bring young hydrologists or aspiring such  to know the world of hydrological opportunities in Italy as developed by small and medium business and the experience of other young researchers.  The YouTubeVideo are very interesting (unfortunately in Italian). It cannot escape to the attention to the reader that they suggest many possible ways of interactions between researchers and the "real world" of the profession of hydrologist in Italy.  BAR Talks - R&D in small and medium companies in Italy  i BAR Talks - R&D in big multinationals companies BAR Talks -Young researchers experiences BAR Talks -  Research Institution (Part I) BAR Talks -  Research Institution (Part II)